Frequently Asked Questions

What type of event is this?

Creative Trends is a consumer based Artisan & Lifestyle Trade Show. It has an artisan fair component to it, as well as a semi-traditional trade show component. There is an area specifically for authentic handmade work and another area for all types of business which comprise lifestyle, artisan, Eco-conscious and sustainable resources for green living.


What type of advertising will there be?

There will be advertising in the newspaper, on radio stations, social media which includes Facebook and Instagram with paid ads, radio on location at the event and road signs.

What is included with booth rental?

All standard booths are draped. The back wall is 8 ft. high; the side dividers are 3 ft. high. Each booth has 2 flood lights and minimal electrical power (350-400 watts). S-hooks are provided for hanging light-weight signs. Height restrictions to apply to the side dividers; your display/signs must not exceed 4 ft. high along the sides. Complimentary exhibitor badges will be provided and are optional to wear.

Will there be tables and chairs or carpet to rent?

Yes, but must be ordered prior to the show, as they are not available for rent at the show. We rent plain tables, draped tables and booth carpet. Chairs may be available for use but is not guaranteed as it is facility dependent; we suggest bringing your own chairs.

What types of business categories are there?

There are many categories which include pottery, metal, woodwork, jewelry/accessories, crochet/knitting, home based business, health/well-being, wellness etc. A list of artisan categories is provided on the declaration of authenticity page.

Can I share a booth?

Typically it is one business per booth. There may be some exceptions, but is at the discretion of the show manager.

What is the expected attendance?

We anticipate 4000-5000+ to attend the 2-day event at both Vernon and Kamloops events.

Where is the event being held?

The event in Vernon, BC on March 28 & 29, 2020 is being held at Kal Tire Place (South Concourse).

The event in Kamloops, BC on May 30 & 31, 2020 is being held at McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre.