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Information & Conditions - Vernon, BC

Creative Trends Shows and exhibitors both want a successful event, therefore policies are in place for all to follow.

*These policies are in addition to the show conditions page found in the Exhibitor Application Package*

There are several product and business categories that make up the trade show, please consider the category that best suits your business.

Artisan Fair component: Only "Juried" Artisan's will be accepted in this event.


Lifestyle Interests component: Lifestyle interests participants may include Eco-conscious products/services, wineries, health/wellness, tour companies, spiritual/healing, home based business (limited).


Juried Artisan Criteria:

Artisan's who have created authentic original items, and would like to participate in the market, will need to fill out a declaration of authenticity. The declaration of authenticity must describe the product(s) and how they were created by them to make them an authentic original product. Only those who prove they fit this category will be confirmed to showcase their items in this area.

Eligible products must be created in a manner of how it was constructed, sewn/knitted, scultped, carved or altered in such a way that is unique and original to the artist.


Absolutely no lighting of candles, incense, warming wax or burning items of any sort.


If a product is made for take home consumption and you want to provide sampling, such as canned goods, wine/spirits, bakery, chocolate or other confectionery,  please comply with the following:

•Liquor board authorization/certificate (displayed in booth)

•Current Food Safe Certificate (readily available at booth)

•Food Inspection Premises Permit (readily available at booth)

•Only properly packaged and sealed food items for "take home" consumption may be sold.

•Disposable gloves must be worn if handling open product.

•If you are offering hot food samples, please discuss with us upon submitting your application.

(All required documentation must accompany your application)


The booth area rented is the only place to conduct business. Please don't over crowd the booth with products; all items must be within the allotted space and not spill into the aisle. We strongly encourage that all tables be draped to the floor. Absolutely no subletting of booth space.


All booths must have a sign or banner to display the business that is operating/selling products. No tape, pins, tacks or other items are to be used to adhere signs, pictures or products to the drapery. We provide hooks to use free of charge, please use them.


Exhibitors may be asked to send in a current picture of what their booth will look like at the event. (show management discretion)


Due to health and safety regulations, all products must be in appropriate wrap or containers and labelled. Please limit the number of open product(s) for display. Some body product items may include (but are not limited to): soap and other bath products, lotions, sprays, essential oils, aromatherapy, body jewelry etc.


The use of microphones is not allowed.


A concession will be open during event hours.


All exhibitors and anyone working the trade show, are asked to park at the furthest point of the back parking lot (north side), to ensure YOUR customers have ample parking closest to the building. PARKING IS FREE.

This event is being held at Kal Tire Place (South Concourse) in Vernon, BC.


ALL PARTICIPANTS attending the trade show to work or assist in the booth must sign a "Waiver of Liability Release & Acknowledgment." Please print and send in with the application. This form also acknowledges that no children under the age of 16 are to be in the booth during

set-up, show times or take-down and is strictly enforced (as outlined in show conditions in exhibitor package). 

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